Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On a scale from 1 to 10...

Ok so from yesterday to today my stress level has completely flip flopped!
Yesterday I was stress free and feelin' fine (with the exception of being sick, but that's something else all on its own) and today I am stressed to the max.
Today I had my last first day of school for my undergrad! Exciting? Yes. Stress free? Nope.
Not only did my professors start to pile on the homework today (come on what happened to easing back into school?), but this bedroom project is filled with problem after problem and this semester I'm doing my senior thesis and I have NO CLUE what my topic will be or who I want to be my faculty advisor. But anyway, I'll just go on stressing and neurotically filling up my planner and notebook with important things and you can just take a quick peek at how cute my planner is from Target (the striped one) and my adorable notebook from TJ Maxx (the black and gold Art Deco one).

I hope your day has been more relaxing ;)


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