Friday, January 25, 2013

Icy, Icy.

So all year I've waited and waited for winter time, so we could have the possibility of maybe one snow day... Well I think this is as close as we are gonna get, freezing rain. And of course it comes on a day that I could be doing productive things. 
I should be moving out of my apartment since my roommate may or may not have gone crazy smashed my bathroom mirror and messed up my room while I was in class since I asked her if she could please give me the $75 she owes me for the water and power bills, ruining my senior year of college in Athens, Ga by forcing me to move. Oh well, that's neither her nor there.
Due to the weather I can't finish moving out til tomorrow or Sunday, so hopefully all of my things will still be fully intact.

Poor wittle baby bathroom.

One of the things I've been doing on the gross icy day is planning how I want my next apartment (sans any roommates) to look. Hopefully it will be in Charlotte!
Which is still a totally rational thing to do since I have yet to find either a job or an apartment there for after graduation... Right?
Whatever those are just little things.

Well I've been dreaming about this new mysterious apartment that I can decorate all on my own for quite some time, actually since I regretfully signed the lease with this crazy one. Anyway I had been thinking of doing the living room in lavender and kelly green along with black and white and maybe a mix of silver and gold. I know sounds like a lot but believe me, I'm not stupid or colorblind I can make it work. But since Emerald (can it be officially capitalized, since its the Color of the Year?) is all the rage, I might do it instead of kelly green (no title, no capitals)

So I have this couch, its dirty in this picture due to the previously mentioned roommate, her bf, and her dog (bitter? who me?). Its not the most beautiful thing, but I have actually grown fond of it over the last 4 years. As far as college apartment furniture goes, its pretty great. In general, I'm not obsessed with the modern and contemporary shapes, but sometimes they are cheaper and I actually think my love seat has fit in with all the different decorating styles I have done over the years. Also, its cream so its a great neutral to use and until this year, it never really got that dirty.
I'm hoping I can get it recovered before I move into this possibly imaginary apartment, but I'm not sure.

P.S. My mom made those square pillows, and they were totally GORGEOUS, until "someone" squished and sat on them until they were totally beat up! My mom felt so disrespected.

I also have this chair, I'm not in love with it but it is more comfortable than it looks. I bought it last year when another roommate (call her K) I had, refused to buy any furniture for the living room since I didn't pick out kitchen colors before we moved in. (I swear thats true! She was the one who said she would do living room furniture, I was allowed to do the kitchen, and our other roommate could do the patio, then she never bought anything and I brought that love seat and this chair and she got these ugly wicker things that we couldn't figure out if they were chairs or scultures - Haha Then she just left and never came back til move out day. I promise I never had roommate problems til last year and then they were both crazy!) If I can't get my loveseat recovered, I have to get this one done! It almost kills me everytime I look at it, because when I bought it there were 2 lavender gorgeous chairs for about $115 each and the only reason I didn't get it was because K said she hated purples, so I did the nice thing and got the black and tan chair, thinking she would contribute more to the room than she did. And knowing now how she just left for months, I should have just gotten them cause I haven't seen them since!

It's not great picture quality, I know and the styling in here sucks! But why would I waste my time and money decorating when my roomie is just going to destroy it? Thats why my bedroom was decorated to the max. Tears for me right? JK

My collection of green things hasn't really started yet, but it will soon! Lavender things on the other hand, I have plenty. My bedrooms usually alternate between lavender and purple so when I dig through all these things that are packed up Ill show you some examples.

Sorry this was so long! If you made it all the way through to the end then we can be best friends!
Haha, thanks peeps.
Well now that I'm at the end of the post, I'm not quite sure why I am showing you all this, I guess it's a mix of venting about my apartment, boredom, and dilierious ness from not being able to leave the house!
If you have any tips on my dream apartment, crazy roommates, moving out quickly, or microfiber couch cleaning, feel free to leave me a helpful comment!


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