Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey guys!

I still haven't posted the sketches for the bedroom project, but I am STILL working on them! We actually have made some progress thanks to an awesome Christmas present: a cream vanity perfect for right beside the door. And I am thinking about doing some sort of clothing rack in the dormer nook instead of a window seat, but I guess we will see.
But since I had such a wonderful Christmas, and I have a few plans for New Years it might be a few more days before I post them, but I promise I haven't forgotten. I will also be posting some Holiday fashion and decor posts in the next few days... get excited... or not. : )

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! What are your plans for New Years Eve?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bags and Broadway

Last week, my mom, my sister, and I went to Florida to visit my grandparents. I live going to visit them because, well duh they are my grandparents, but also because they always have something fun for us to do! This trip was just a quick weekend one, but still it was no disappointment.

Saturday we went to the Florida State University Theater Department's Songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein. At first I wasn't THAT excited about going because I wasn't quite sure about listening to all those songs without any story, but let me tell you it was AMAZING!

The rest of the weekend was filled with relaxation and family time, but I just wanted to share a few things. As always, my grandmother was dressed to the nines and lucky for me she decided to get rid of a few things in her closet. As someone with a severe purse addiction, I was so ecstatic when she pulled out a few bags she hadn't used in a while. Needless to say, I left in the best mood. Here's a picture of my favorite bag I go from her this weekend, a navy vintage chain bag.

Hope I didn't bore you gushing about my weekend haha! What's your favorite thing about visiting family?

P.S. I also went to my first Fresh Market (I know,I know, everyone's been. But a new one just opened in Athens and I just haven't gotten around to going yet).


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Room Makeover

Hi guys!

Today I decided that I would share a new project I'm starting, a bedroom makeover!
This room is technically a bonus room over a garage turned bedroom turned bedroom/storage room. I'll show you a few before pictures, but be warned its filled with junk like actually junk, cardboard boxes and old clothes kind of things. But there is an amazing little settee that I must do something with (when I remove all the junk on it).  Right now were thinking black, pink, and gold for the colors, but we're down for any suggestions so just comment below, you know?

Before pictures:
You saw correctly, that is PINK carpet... And it might have to stay.
We can figure something out...
Oh I'm sure I'll think of a cute idea for this dormer nook, maybe a window seat?

I'll post some sketches and ideas for the room after I come up with some, but I would love any recommendations and suggestions.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Introduction to all you lovely people

Like I promised, here I am to give you a little insight to what this blog is and who I am.

Normally, I would just put this in the About Me section and since I am technologically challenged, I can't quite figure out how to do that yet. Oh silly me, moving on.

As I near my last semester of my college career I am desperately trying to find anyway to procrastinate from doing productive things like applying for "big girl" jobs or last minute Grad School applications. What better way to procrastinate on my Christmas break than to venture into this whole blogging thing?

This blog is here really for me to share my thoughts, ideas, and opinions on various topics, but honestly they will mostly involve fashion, beauty, dieting (after the holiday season of course), interior design, and maybe even a few current events. Such a narrow range of topics I know!

Here are just a few more random facts:

I'm a Southern girl who loves her sweet tea and UGA football. GO DAWGS!
Not all Economics majors are stylish, but I sure try to be.
I plan on getting my Masters in Urban Design after undergrad.
I desperately want to live in good ole Charlotte, NC after I graduate in May!
My eyeliner is never the same on both eyes, but I couldn't care less.
I love almost anything purple, emerald (even before it was Pantone's color of the year), and Art Deco!
As a daughter of an interior designer, decorating and styling rooms are just pumping through my veins.
Glitter, champagne, and rock candy are just a few of my favorite things :)

I'm not sure what else to say so, if you've actually read this and if there are any questions feel free to email me at


Tribal Prints and Bright Colors

I usually get on these kicks when it comes to style, whether it was that time that i was obsessed with American Eagle Outfitters or my purple bedding obsession (which has actually never ended). Currently, I can't get enough patterns! I live for damask, chevron, stripes, and especially tribal prints. It just so happens that as I was perusing one of my favorite interior design firms Style By Emily Henderson, I saw this beauty:


It's the carpet at the Wilderness Lodge located in the happiest place on Earth... Disneyworld!

It's so trendy and gorgeous, yet totally fitting of the location. I think I just might have to move in!
Also, the brightness of the colors included in this pattern is just blowing me a way, I just cannot get enough of it. Please tell me someone else is freaking out about this as much as I am, or maybe I've just gone insane.

Let me know what you think!


Hi guys!

Welcome to my first blog post EVER! I am brand new to this kind of thing, so try not to be too harsh ; )
I plan on posting more of an introduction later this week, while we wait for that let us take a sneak peek at what's to come:

A little fashion: 
From Harpers Bazaar Spring 2013 Street Style

A little beauty:
I haven't read all of Lauren Conrad's Beauty book yet, but I plan on it this Christmas break!

A little home decor and DIYing: 
I realize this isn't the best picture for this section, but it's the only one of my room that I have on hand at the moment, so you'll just have to deal :p

There you have your itty bitty tiny baby sneak peek, stay tuned for more to come and more to see.

Thanks for stopping by and comments are always welcome!