Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a great Easter with your families! : )

Here's my favorite Easter accessory I wore this year.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sprannnnggg Breayyyykkkk Fashion

Ok guys.
I have a confession.
I am officially obsessed with Spring Breakers.
It is almost embarrassing (ok it is embarrassing).

As a college girl, a sorority college girl to add even more emphasis, I have been to my share of Spring Breaks in Florida.
Many scenes in this movie look so familiar to me for that reason, but obviously more intensified, and dark, and illegal.
But spring break is merely the backdrop to a more original story that most of us have not experienced while on the beaches of Florida while on a break from school. 
Maybe I just relate cause I'm from a small town too?

Anyway, the point is that it's a really good movie. Its different, its on the indie side of films, it isn't Disney Channel, but it really isn't as bad as everyones making it out to be. 
Its probably an either love it or hate it film, so go see if and decide for yourself.

Moving on (I'm no film critic).

One thing that stands out is the colors of this movie, the lighting, the clothes, everything is almost technicolor, pastel, flashing, sparkly, idk its colorful.
It really goes along with the 90s revival that depending on who you ask is either here to stay or dwindling away. (Rhymes are fun.)
It also includes childish bits and pieces, like dressing like little girls a bit. Almost Baby Spice like.

I personally love all these colors and beachy-ness of this movie and picked a few things from the movie or inspired by the movie that I love.

Opening Ceremony's Spring Breakers Line
(obviously this would be included)
There's a lot more than just pictured here, its all pretty cute.

Animal Backpacks
I'm getting one asap

Candy Colored Keds Sneakers and Hightops

Pastels and Neon Colors

These were some of my favorite things, once the weather gets warmer, I might do an outfit post based on this.
I hope you enjoyed this!
Do you love any of these styles?


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So... I've been a MIA

I must apologize!
I have been sooooo busy with school and getting ready for graduation, I haven't posted in a month!
I actually thought I had done some scheduled posts, but it turns out that I saved them as drafts and didn't actually set them to be published...
silly me

Anyway, I'm still pretty busy with school and stuff but I will be posting more often now!
I think I'm doing a post on the movie Spring Breaker tomorrow, so get excited :P

I hope you're not mad that I was gone for so long.
(Like you really care! haha)

See you tomorrow ;)