Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Office in Progress

Since I moved out of my college apartment a few weeks ago, I moved into my mother's new house about 15 miles from Athens. The dream situation for my senior year of college? Definitely not! But it is pretty lucky that she happened to buy this new house at the same time my roommate went crazy (still bitter... me? never.) especially since its relatively close to school and its an all new, clean palette for me to put my furniture in.

The house is kind of all out of whack, because most of my mom's furniture is still in South Georgia, and I have all my things so the new house is kind of filled with things, but still empty. Does that make sense? It has all my stuff in it, but its all college-y apartment-y things so my mom is not really into that being the decor for her real life grown up house.. Haha, but her stuff should be here next week. 

Anyway right now I've decided to have my bed in a smaller room and all my other things into a kind of office for me. So keep in mind that I am still putting the room together so its not perfect but I thought I'd share a little sneak peak of one of the walls I have decorated...

I swear everything is centered and not as off balance as this picture makes it look.
Still a work in progress but more is coming soon!

Also, remember the pink carpet room I told y'all I was working on a while ago? Well, I promise I haven't forgotten to post the pictures or anything! But the project has been put on a little tiny hold, just for a few weeks. Which considering all this moving and stuff I've been doing it was like perfect timing. I have been collecting some accessories for that room so I might be posting a few pics for that soon.


PS I should still be working on that silly school stuff, but instead I'm decorating rooms and pretending I'm in New Orleans for Mardi Gras or New York for Fashion Week.
It's a sad life. :)

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