Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Current Cravings (besides carbs)

As you may know, I gave up carbs (well most carbs) for Lent. So to occupy my time I usually spend snacking, I've indulged in my shopping habit. 

Here's what I'm currently browsing for:

Striped Leggings/Pants:

Do any of you watch Shah's of Sunset? Well on the finale GiGi wore a gorgeous stripped skirt, I'd take that too if I can find it.
But I couldn't find a good picture of it :(

Simple Strap Sandals:

Denim Vest - A must have for Spring!
(My sister is all over this trend and it looks great!)

Leather Baseball Cap

This Oversized Fringe Top

And since lucite is everywhere right now. I'm lusting over these.

The Clutch

The Heels

And the Table of course

What's on your lust list?


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