Monday, February 11, 2013

Must See Grammy Looks!

Did yall watch the Grammys last night??
What'd you think of it? I didn't really care about the show except JT and Fun. of course.

But the fashion! I was pretty curious about how people would push the limits with the new rules in place, but I saw so many things that I was obsessed with!

1. Rihanna - This Alaia dress was absolutely gorgeous. Definitely my favorite!

2. Carrie Underwood - Some people think this Roberto Cavalli dress is too "pageant-y," but I love this dress. I love a good patterned dress, when it's done correctly.

3. Jennifer Lopez - In Anthony Vaccarello, she was definitely putting the new rules to the test, well for half of her body. I like this dress, but I wish the exposed leg part was a little longer, like short-length or something. Or maybe if it was a little flowier in that area? I just think it looks a little odd.

4. Maria Menounos - She's not a musician or singer, but she certainly made a red carpet statement in this Gomez-Gracia gown. I'm not a huge yellow lover, but this color looks good and the dress is nice. BUT that slit is not in the right place in my opinion, maybe its just this picture, but this is not for me.

5. Karlie Koss - This Michael Kors dress is definitely one of my favorite looks for the night. It was perfect for someone to make a splash on the carpet, but didn't really take away from those actually nominated for the awards.

6. Estelle - This Genelle Brooks x Love Collins patterned 2 piece gown is absolutely stunning. I am not one for patterns on that much fabric, but she totally pulls it off. I think if there was anything I would change I would make it a solid color, maybe in that peachy orange thats in that pattern? Oh well. I am also obsessed with the 2 pieces, I love that its glamorous, but also the bit of skin showing is bohemian-ish which I'm crushing on lately.

These are definitely not the only Must See looks of the night, but these are the ones I wanted to talk about. And we all know it's all about me :P
Anyway you can find all these pictures and more at New York Daily News.

What were your favorite looks of the night? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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