Friday, February 15, 2013

Low Carb Lent

Do any of you do Lent?
The 40+ days between Fat Tuesday (starting on Ash Wednesday) and Easter?
I am not Catholic, but I have always loved the idea of Lent, giving up something to for 40 days and nights for Christ. Even if you aren't that religious, I think you would still like it if you love a good challenge. I've done it multiple times, but I think last year was the first year I did it all the way through without cheats. I did fried chicken, if you know me then you know what a big deal that is.
Now I sound like such a fatty.
But that will all change with Lent this year (It started 2 days ago)...
I'm giving up carbs.
Before someone turns into my Mom and tells me how bad that is for me I want you to know I'm not giving up all of them. Obviously I know you have to have some to live.
Anyway, I'm pretty excited. I think it is going to be really challenging, but I hope I can stick to it all the way! And I'll be skinny like woahhh
Just kidding, with my luck Ill be the one person in the world that gains weight with a low carb diet. 
But maybe not! Wish me luck!

Are you planning on doing anything for Lent?

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