Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY: Malachite Lamps

So, maybe you know that I might have an obsession with malachite. And the color of the year is Emerald, so there is no better time for this DIY project!

Just a fair warning before I go into more detail about this: I am not sure that it turned out 100% how I wanted it to, but I blame the fact that I used curvy lamps and not a flat box (I definitely plan on doing boxes soon).

Anywhooo, I believe I have already mentioned The Aestate's Malachite Box Tutorial (here). This will serve as the inspiration for these lamps and my future boxes.

You may have noticed these Dollar General turquoise lamps in the back ground of some pictures of my apartment, but maybe you didn't, I don't know. But here's a refresher:

First, I spray painted the base white. 

Lucky you, you get a little sneak peak at an S that I'm also painting haha

Second, I painted the whole thing green.

Please ignore my dying manicure.

Then, you take a small piece of cardboard, and swirl it around creating a pattern while the paint is still wet. It helps to look at a malachite pattern while you are doing this, but my lamp is so small I did the pattern smaller.

Excuse the nails again.

Finally, voila! I am spray painting some lamp shades gold to go with these so I'll show yall those when they are done.

Do yall like these?
I think that the boxes may turn out a little better, but I like them and with the gold lampshades, they will look great! I might add a little gold leafing in some places.

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